About us

Hasmark Strand Campings is owned by the couple Mette and Lars Skifter. Here you can read about us, our family and our camping passion. 

Mette has a financial education and Lars is educated as en engineer, but together we have chosen to concentrate on camping. In 2010 we therefore took over Hasmark Strand Camping. We complement each other well. Mette takes care of administration and Lars is the handyman.  

Together we have six children of different marriages. The youngest is 11 years old. Family life means a lot to us, and because of our busy life during the high season, we give great priority to travel abroad during the winter in order to have some quality time together as a family. 

Our campsite

In order to have and create a good campsite you must be willing to give something and work hard to create a cosy and nice atmosphere. We give great priority to closeness and being together with our guests in order to give you the best possible camping experience. 

Even though the many activities and facilities at the campsite means a lot, we are sure that you as guests also look for the authentic camping spirit. For example you will experience this spirit when Lars plays the guitar at the campfire and sings songs, while our guests are baking twistbreads. These are invaluable camping moments and memories. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you. 

Best Regards

Mette and Lars Skifter

Hasmark Strand Camping