Viking theme

Enter the world of the Vikings!

At Hasmark Strand Camping you enter the world of the Vikings as soon as you arrive to the large Viking castle. The castle is the center of the campsite, and here you find the reception, the restaurant and much more. 

Our large playground is built as a large Viking ship, and is great fun for children of all ages. 

Thor takes a ride in the train, the "Thor-express", which drives around the campsite everyday during the high season. 

The large Viking castle is inspired by the Nordic mythology. In Valhalla, we invite you to bingo, karaoke and much more. In Restaurant Freja we serve delicious buffets, and in our function room Frigg you can have your own private party. From Frigg you can enter the tower of Odin. 

Our nice wellness depratment, Norne, is also inspired by Nordic mythologi.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you into the world of the Vikings.

As the Vikings would say: ”Alu, alu, laukr!”