Season pitches

Why seasonal pitches?

Do you and your family also love the camping life, and cannot get enough? Then come and enjoy the whole season with us! Here is nice on both a wonderful sunny day, but certainly also cozy and fun if the rain would come a swing by.

The advantages of having a seasonal pitch (regulars, stayings guests) are many – both for you parents, but also for your children. In release for having to put up and take down every weekend, and there are plenty of activities for the kids, so they are unlikely to get bored.

It provides space for leisure for you parents when children play in a safe environment with their camping friends and having fun.

3 types of season seats:

We offer both spring season pitches, whole season pitches and late summer pitches.

For the 2018 season the dates are:

Spring pitch applies from 10.03.2018* to 01.07.2018

Whole season pitch applies from 10.03.2018* to 23.09.2018

Late summer pitch applies from 12.08.2018 to 23.09.2018 (there is only open on weekends in this period)


*) The camping site opens officially the 24th March 2018 where the waterpark, shop and restaurant also opens.


View prices for spring pitches here.

View prices for whole season/seasonal pitches here.

View prices for late summer pitches here.