Welcome to North Funen

Adventures in the surroundings

Ditlevsdal bisonfarm

In Langesø you find Ditlevsdal Bison Farm, which is the largest bison fram in Denmark with app. 160 of the great american animals.

Experience the impressive bisons on one of the guided tours, which are arranges several times a week during the summer period.
Ditlevsdal also arranges exciting events with inspiration from the indian culture.

The farm has been rebuilt for the past year, and they are now ready to welcome you in both their shop and their café. It is also possible to bring your own food and enjoy it by the beautiful lake in the area.

At Ditlevsdal you also find an indian inspired playground with tipis, totempole, etc. Bake your own twistbread or play in the indoor play room, where it is also possible to watch a movie about the bisons.

Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

Dallund Castle

The main building was built in 1540. The castle is located by the lake of Dallund and was former owned by the family Blixen-Finecke.

Today Dallund Castle is a cancer convalescent home.

Public access to the park and the forests around the lake.

Address:  Dallundvej 63, Søndersø

Dallund slot


The border between Kattegat and inlet to Odense is called Enebærodde, which was made during the ice ages. The inlet is partly man-made.

You can still see some of the windmills from the 18th century by Egensedybet. From Enebærodde you can see Fyns Hoved and the island Samsø – as well as the inlet to the shipyard Lindø, the largest shipyard in Denmark.

The 5,5 km long and 300 ha tongue if land is the largest moor on Funen. Here are a lot of vipers. The area is preserved, and entrance is only allowed on foot or bicycle. There is a large parking area for your car.

On Enebærodde you will se the old lighthouse, which is 14 m high. Today the lighthouse today is functioning automatically, and therefore Enebærodde is uninhabited.

Enebærodde fyr


Between Enebærodde and Lodshuse on Hindsholm there is a 400 meter wide fairway calle Gabet. This is the connection between the inlet to Odense and Kattegat.

Here you find a 14 meter high lighthouse built in 1869, as well as fieldworks form the Napoleonic wars which were meant to protect Od3ense from enemies.

During the summer you are able to sail across Gabet on the ferry “Svanen”.

Gabet ved Enebærodde

Memories from the past

Enjoy the beautiful nature of Funen and experience the memories of Funen from the late stone age to the younger viking age.

You will be able to see burial mounds, barrows, passage graves and runic stones.

In Emmelev, app. 500 meter down the path towards Pugholm you can see the passage grave “Gåsestenen”. It is possible to climb inside the grave.

Read much more about these memories from the past in the brochure from the tourist information in Otterup.

Fortidsminder på Nordfyn


The Vikings buried their deceased in burial mounds or stone ships – a symbol of the journey to the land of the dead. There a lot of burial mounds on Funen, but the stone ships are rare. If you want to se the largest stone ship in Denmark, go to Glavendruplunden right outside Søndersø.

The stone ship is app. 60 m long and 12 m wide. On the the stone you can see beautiful runic inscriptions.



Visit the restored renaissance castle Harridslevgaard 3 km from Bogense, which offers you an exciting cultural experience. The castle is mentioned back to King Valdemars’s cadaster of 1231.

The present building is from 1606. Totally 1500 m2 can be seen of the main building in 3 stories, eg. the great hall. which is Denmarks’s largest in private possession and the arhed dungeon below the ground floor.

Afterwards you are welcome to take a walk in the beautiful area with peacocks.


Hofmansgave Manor

Only 2 km from the campsite you find the beautiful Manor Hofmansgave, which is more than 200 years old.

In the beautiful park with the lovely view you find rare trees and plants imported from the all over the world in the 1830’s.

In the park you can also vitit the Danish Potato Museum, which opened in 2000.



Visit Kunstgården. 1500 m2 of beautiful and different art. Find inspiration and see paintings, glass, ceramics, jewelley and gifts.

Galleri og udstilling i Skovby

The Love Path

Walk along the Love Path west of the center of Otterup and see the figures from the tale, The Tinderbox, of H.C. Andersen carved in wood

The artist behind this masterpiece is Allan Bo Jensen.


The Midgard Serpent

The Midgard Serpent on the city square in Otterup is made by Jørgen Meier-Larsen.

Every Saturday during the summer a marked day is arranged on the city square.


Uggerslev Mølle (Mill)

Build in 1899 and in use until 1967.

The first mill was built in 1880, but birned down during a thunderstorm in 1899.

Uggerslev Mølle is located on Northern Funen in Uggerslev app. 5. km. from Otterup.

Uggerslev Mølle på Nordfyn


North of Bogense you find Æbelø, a beautiful island with lovely and unique nature.

Visit the deserted island and fell like Robinson Crusoe.

The main part of the island is forest.

In 1998 the island was taken over by Aage V. Jensens Foundation, which declared the island an area of outstanding beauty.

If you would like to visit the island you must walk along the “Ebbevejen”. The walk is app. 4 km long, and the 1½ km herof is in water.

Please therefore note the tide and the wind. Find information regarding this in the reception.

Æbelø is also a fantastic fishing spot.

Open garden – Kongsdal

20.000 m2 park like garden with 500 m2 lake, several fountains and waterfalls!

See it all when you visit Kongsdal.

It is possible to enjoy your own food or coffee in the garden or inside the “hen house”. Ice cream can be bought.

Kongsdal på Nordfyn