Aromatic Sauna

Aromatic Sauna

As the first campsite in Denmark Hasmark Strand Camping now offers wellness experiences with aromatic sauna.

We have started an exciting collaboration with Sauna-master Kris Kristensen, who among other things have created various aromatic suana events.

Aromatic sauna is aromatherapy in the sauna's warm setting, this experience will complete the spa experience in our wellness area. Aromatic Sauna is energizing, relaxing and detoxifying.

In a hodgepodge of refreshing and robust scents you will get to an aromatic sauna a completely amazing experience for your body. In the event, the sauna starts with being approximately 70 degrees warm, where the temperature will be heated up, as humidity increases. To increase humidity is the right amount of oils and water, which provides a cathartic and amazing fragrance. This heat and scent will bedistributed in the sauna using the towel swing, which helps the body's pores to open. in addition it gets throughout the body – muscles, lungs and joints – by the deep breath.

During the whole session, our skilled Sauna-master explains about the well-chosen oils that will be used during the session, so you know exactly what they are doing by good for your body.

There will be opportunity for both small sessions of 12-15 minute duration and greater sessions, where to in and out of the sauna several times. The aromatic sauna sessions takes place in our wellness area.

Aromatic sauna helps to boost your immune system as well as clean your skin and the rest of the body. It gives new energy and is perfect to keep colds away.